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The Motivator: Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Don't worry, we have answers! Just click one of the following links for answers to frequently asked questions about the Motivator software: MOTIVATOR

   What is the Motivator?
   How does the Motivator work?
   Why is the Motivator FREE?
   Does the Motivator contain ads, spyware, etc?
   How quickly will I receive my copy?
   How can I receive support?
   I have more questions. Who can I ask?

Q. What is the Motivator?

Motivator is a piece of software that helps remind you of your goals.

It works by unobtrusively displaying messages on your computer screen at set intervals. These messages help to regularly reinforce your goals – and provide much needed motivation for achievement that you otherwise wouldn’t receive.

By continuously reminding yourself of your core goals, you can achieve them quicker. You can use Motivator to change even the most stubborn of habits within an average of just TWO WEEKS!

Just install Motivator, setup your messages, and pay attention to the messages when they appear on your computer screen. That’s all there is to it (and don’t worry, we provide full instructions once you’ve downloaded).

It’s easy – so why not DOWNLOAD your copy TODAY?

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Q. How does the Motivator work?

Motivator works by reminding you of your core goals – at regular intervals.

Most people don’t achieve their goals because they’re not focused enough, or lack the motivation. They need something to remind them of what they should be achieving, throughout the day!

That’s the job of Motivator. It regularly reminds you of your core goals – helping you to reprogram your own mind, through the power of programmed rehearsal.

Can something so simple as a “reminder” really have such an impact? Absolutely. In fact, using Motivator, users can expect to let go of long-standing bad habits in just two weeks – or less!

Try it out – and prove it to yourself!

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Q. Why is the Motivator FREE?

Motivator is a powerful piece of software that the whole world deserves to have access to.

It was initially developed by self-development gurus Michael Masterman, Karl Moore and Bradley Thompson. The Motivator software was never intended for public use.

However it proved to be SO POWERFUL that the three individuals commissioned a BRAND NEW version of the software – containing even MORE features than before. And you can download YOUR copy absolutely FREE of charge from this site!

Why is it free? Just because the people behind the software believe in karma. You receive back what you give to the world. This program will help a lot of people – including YOU!

So, give it a go. Download your copy TODAY!

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Q. Does the Motivator contain ads, spyware, etc?

Absolutely not.

The Motivator software contains NO hidden advertisements, adware, spyware, or malware. We don’t believe in plaguing your PC with bad programs!

And no, you won’t find hidden “plugs” for commercial sites once you’ve installed the software. It’s genuinely 100% FREE, no ads, no trash!

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Q. How quickly will I receive my copy?

Simply CLICK HERE to download your copy, then enter your details. You’ll be sent a download link instantly via e-mail.

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Q. How can I receive support?

We provide FREE lifetime support to all users of Motivator. To contact our team, simply click here.

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Q. I have more questions. Who can I ask?

We provide 24/7 assistance via our dedicated support site at Our team is available around-the-clock to help with your queries. So if you have extra questions, please click here to contact us. We promise to respond to all messages within one business day, however our typical response time is just four hours.

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